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Manfaat Jahe Untuk Diet dan Kesehatan - dr Zaidul Akbar

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tugasafika.com - Jahe ini punya fungsi atau manfaat yang luar biasa yang jelas secara sifat dia itu bersifat panas ya ada beberapa jenis jahe seca…

Cara diet untuk anak sekolah

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tugasafika.com - Halo YouTube episode kali ini aku bakal singkat banget ngebahas bahas tentang diet anak sekolah atau remaja atau yang orang-orang masih masa pertumbuhan. Boleh nggak sih Dite?  Aku b…

Best Chicken Recipes For The Grill

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Best Chicken Recipes For The Grill - Grilled chicken portuguese (best) PREPARATION 30 MIN COOKING 1 HOUR 45 MIN MACERATION 24 HOURS PORTIONS 4 FREEZES Ingredients Sauce 2 French shallots, minced 125…

Easy Breakfast Cheese Danish

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Cheese Danish - My recipe, really simple, of homemade Danish, which I garnish with cream cheese. Ingredients 2 tubes (235 g) Pillsbury croissant paste® 2 bricks (250 g) cream cheese, diced 3/4 cup su…

How To Cook Fettuccine Noodles EASY

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How To Cook Fettuccine Noodles With or without salt, oil? Al Dente or fondant? In boiling or simmering water? Cooking pasta is not as simple as it so…

How to Cook a Whole Chicken In The Oven PERFECTLY

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How to Cook a Whole Chicken In The Oven Tugasafika.com - A whole chicken is cheaper than a pre-cut chicken and makes a nutritious main course. You c…
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