10 Fruits You Should Eat If You Are Diabetic

10 Fruits You Should Eat If You Are Diabetic

Tugasafika.com – Keeping track of daily sugar intake is beneficial  for everyone, but it is especially important for   diabetics.

Diabetics are always advised to avoid  sugar and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

People   with diabetes frequently believe that eating  fruits will cause their blood sugar levels to rise, but this is a complete myth.

Fruits are  a good source of a variety of nutrients and a   healthy way to satiate your hunger.

while  the majority of fruits are high in sugar,   there are a few that are not harmful to  diabetics due to their low sugar content.

The glycemic index of a food item determines  whether it is diabetic-friendly or not.

if   a food has a low GI value, it does not  raise blood glucose levels in the body! So, if you are a diabetic and have a sweet tooth,  then don’t worry you won’t miss out on fruits.

In Today’s, We will share with  you the top 10 best low-sugar fruits  which can satiate your sugar cravings without  actually increasing your blood glucose levels.


Peach is very sweet in taste and   Nothing can beat the sweet and juicy flavor of a  peach.

but you will be surprised to know that they   are not at all a sugary fruit.

A medium-sized  peach contains only 13 grams of sugar.

peaches   also contain bioactive compounds that one study  has found may fight obesity-related diabetes.


Enjoy this vitamin C-rich   juicy treat without fear because it will not  raise your blood sugar levels! A medium orange   contains only 12 grams of sugar and 70 calories.

3 grams of fiber and 51 milligrams of vitamin C   are found in one medium orange, which can  help lower your risk of chronic disease.

It also contains potassium and folate,  which help to normalize blood pressure.


Strawberries are a bright and   tasty choice that are high in antioxidants  fiber and vitamin C.

Serve them sliced on   top of oatmeal yogurt or in a sweet and  savory salad with spinach and walnuts.


All berries are a great choice for diabetics.

but tart and juicy blackberries have more  than double the fiber content of strawberries.

These dark-colored berries are very  high in antioxidants and fibers   and also they are low in sugar.

They  just have 7 grams of sugar per cup.


Apple juice is full of sugars,   but, if you change the way you consume  it and have it as a complete fruit,   then you will only get 19 grams of sugar.

Apple  also contains a high amount of fiber.

So yes!   An apple a day can really keep the doctors away!


Kiwis have a sweet and sour   flavor that everyone enjoys.

This fuzzy green  fruit is high in vitamin C and has low sugar   content.

with only 6 grams of sugar per fruit.

This fruit deserves to be part of your daily diet!


Pears are also high in fiber   and make a delicious crunchy snack.

In  fact, one study suggests that eating   whole Bartlett and Starkrimson pears can  help with type 2 diabetes management.


This fruit is the best   for satisfying your sweet tooth because it  contains a surprisingly low amount of sugar.

one cup of raspberries contains only 5 grams  of sugar and a tonne of fibers.

This berry   will keep you satisfied for several hours  while not raising your blood sugar levels!


Watermelon is almost   everyone’s favorite summer fruit, and  it’s also very hydrating in nature with   only 10 grams of sugar per cup.

If you eat this  delicious fruit, you’ll also get a lot of iron!


Avocados are naturally low in sugar,   containing only 1 gram of sugar per  fruit making them ideal for diabetics.

They also help to protect the heart by lowering  the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

All fruits mentioned in this  video are beneficial to diabetics,   but remember that serving size is important.

So, if you want to stay healthy and don’t want your blood glucose levels to rise then remember  that moderation is always the key to good health!

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